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4.- Information about ethical banking.

And to remember that we are on the Earth and we all are a brotherhood, here I left this memory. Drawings: Nano (

What your mobile phone hides.

Coltan, mobile pones and socio-ecological problems.

We won't discuss about if it is appropriate or not this technology, but we can't ignore that converting these technological pieces into something that is renewed once a year and accumulate an average of 3.7 phones per person is not very sensible.This report addresses to the socio-ecological problems of mobile phones and especially regarding to the use of tantalum extracted from the coltan ore. In any case it is a reflection on an everyday object of desire that is loaded with innocent blood...


Mobile telephony. The coltan.

Coltan. Blue gold that sows death.

We entered a mine coltan - Hurt Locker.

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