Esparte: 35 years with esparto grass


It all started a long time ago from my admiration for an unknown and suggestive world, attracted to time by it; esparto grass. There have been many efforts, many meetings, searches and relations with "far away worlds" that are still maintaining in the present.

It all began many years ago from a special admiration for an unknown and suggestive world, attracted to time by it; esparto.

esparte has been there and pretends in some way to connect tradition with current daily life. Attempts, as far as possible to approach current aesthetic dimensions to everyday household esparto tools and baskets created and used for years. To them certainly it was passing unperceived, but in reality we could speak about an alive artisan labor. We hope this memory of our ancestors is warm, allowing us to gain understanding of their life.

Cesta de esparto

esparte was created with the purpose of bringing to mind a myriad of chores and memories that have been left hanging silent in time. The person who enters to "esparte " is slowly submerging in customs, environments, traditions and forgotten situations, however, beat in the personal and collective unconscious. There are shapes, smells, colors, textures, even words what suggest and take us to people, works, efforts, lives... Esparto sandals, baskets, breadbasket, rugs, "meloneros" (piece to keep melons ok until Christmas time), "bombonas" (carafes), cheese mold, panniers, "baleos", table mat, "jarpiles", "costales" (big baskets), "capazas", "marguales" ("soplillos"), "cofines", "tizneros, "sarrias", "sarrietas", "cachuleros", "barjas"... are icons of a remote life almost impossible to understand.

Barja de esparto

Another objective of esparte is to awaken the interest for craftsmanship. Esparto weaving is a "healthy art". And once the person is seduced we walk from passivity to activity we will stop being consumers to become producers, we produce our utensils. They no longer come from afar but up close, from our own hands. The pace of weaving returns us to the rhythm of life; slows us down and makes us increasingly being present in an endless rhythm of goings and comings guided by our hands, stroking the labour. Being present is a guarantee of creation because, if we listen to the rhythm of the work itself (as the master Antonio "the Capel" said), the work always speaks to us; It is good to listen...

Lámpara de esparto

Cestas de esparto

Cesta de esparto
Barja de esparto
Beehive stitch table mat
Lámpara de esparto

Esparte is not an internet portal to sell handicrafts.

Esparte neither is a site of resale other people crafts that have been made with much effort.

Esparte is an educational place with tribute and memorial intentions. It is our history that is into each piece, and into its soul of fibres.

- You can be interested in the price of some piece if you want; but, if you don't want to pay an approximated and fair price, don't waste any time of yours and of others. Think how much you earn in an hour of work and try to approach to the price of a concrete handicraft work. (Almost all of them need 3 hours or more of work).

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