Web design and creation

     This website has been designed and created by myself with current and simple elements. It is developed from what I do, without adding or remove anything that it is not in everyday. Since the first moment the starting point was simple: having to say "something" to communicate and trying to show it in a concrete medium: the world wide web.
   It has neither spectacular nor showy effects because I have always believed that, if they attract at a first sight, at the end they  distract us from which is truly essential: the
transmission and communication of the message.
   I hope this work can help to get closer to this esparto activity (opposing cibernetics) and favour us to recuperate colective history that, ultimately, is our history too. I have always felt that the craft estrange us from passivity, consumism and plaiting "something" we plait also our lives, we are more present in ourselves, and we become activ, creative, original, new persons.
   esparte - Jesús María Quintero Gómez


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